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Imagine being able to talk and interact with your friend or an acquaintance on the other side of the world in a virtual reality manner, over a cup of tea at the same time accompanied by live music. Most people may think that it is impossible, but with technology and Vibehub, all these and much more are made capable. The experience that VIBE gives you is a feeling of being in the same place with the person you are interacting within a completely immersive environment of your choice.

What is VIBE?

VIBEHUB (Vibe) is a Virtual and augmented reality application that users can use for the use of music, dating, education, and gaming. VIBE is at the forefront of building a technology and allows people to interact with each other giving them in the feeling of being in the same place using live music and other features. VIBE is already in the process of building a platform for the coming virtual universe. Every major sector of the industry has heavily invested in virtual reality and Augmented Reality platforms.

 Vibehub Features

Trusted blockchain technology:

VIBE uses a global cryptocurrency token based on Ethereum. The token is an ERC20 compliant token that can be used for microtransactions on current and upcoming marketplaces and on the hubs on VIBE platform.

Monetizing in a virtual world:

VIBE uses volumetric video and virtual assets to monetize content in AR and VR technology.

An alternate reality:

The platform provides educators and artists a method to reach millions of viewers in a stream in VR.

One stop shop platform:

Users can find anything on the platform. VIBE can be used for education, music, gaming and dating purposes. You can get other things on the platform with one currency.

Gives you a voice amongst the masses:

With VIBE, you get the exposure you need on unique marketplaces and hubs. Users don’t need to compete with hundreds of unrelated tags and topics.

Safe and secure:

The VIBE software is constantly monitored and tested to be able to provide users with a secure and safe experience.

No fee and middlemen:

The platform doesn’t charge users any fees when executing contracts or performing micro-transactions.

The people that make VIBE a great platform

The VIBEHub team comprises of co-founders Matthew Myers and Alessio Mack. Alessio and a futurist and tech guru while Matthew is a Crypto Expert and a Musician. Other include Fred Bender, VR/AR Tech Enthusiast and Senior Developer and Joakim Holmer, and Advisor and Cofounder of Livetourlab.

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