What is VeriMe?

VeriME (VME)




VeriME is a blockchain based verification platform that offers verification, protection and authentication services. The blockchain based platform offers VaaS and Verification as a service. Parts of the platform include D-KYC and D-Secure. The D-KYC provides verification services via facial recognition and biometric verification, and the D-Secure helps merchants authenticate customers.

Things veriME’s want to solver

The platform aims at solving some of the problems that many people force when it comes to verification and authentication issues. Some of the issues VeriME platform hopes to solve include:

  • Slow manual KYC process
  • Expensive cost of resources
  • Insecurity
  • Tedious

The solutions that the platform provide merchants include:

  • Cost Effective
  • No face to face interaction required
  • Data protection through encryption
  • KYC in seconds
  • No document or forms filing needed

How the platform works

VeriME has a mission to digitize KYC process and authentication process and at the same time increasing transparency. Users of the platform can access the platform anywhere and any time of the day and night. With an ultimate goal of becoming “the leading unified decentralized VaaS platform in the blockchain space and beyond.” The platform also uses cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning systems to provide users greater than the accuracy achieved by traditional methods of humans,”  according to the official website.

VeriME Products

D-Secure (Protection and Authentication)

D-Secure products aim at solving merchant issues by helping them achieves seamless authentication. To help them the platform D-Secure key features include:

  • 100% chargeback protection
  • Authentication within milliseconds
  • Protects partners and merchants for PDGA and local data sovereignty laws
  • Decentralized system for authentication.

D-KYC (Verification)

D-KYC uses facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and biometric verification to provide customers verification that will be completed in less than 3 minutes. Features on the products include:

  • No third party dependency
  • Full privacy
  • The customers are the one who uploads the documents and they are stored on the device
  • KYC in seconds
  • No face to face interaction
  • No filling out forms or documents

Token distribution

During the ICO period, a total of 1 billion tokens were available. 21% was reserved for partner incentives, 30% for the ICO, 15% for the team, 10% bonuses, 3% bounties, 18% token reserve and 3% for ICO advisory.

The team behind VeriME

VeriME is cofounded by Nguyen Hoa Binh (Chairman), and Sanjeev Kumar (Chief Strategy). Other team members include Nguyen Phu CEO, Le Van Luong CTO. The company was officially founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in Singapore.


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