What is Vdice?

Vdice (VSL)




Vdice formerly known as vSlice is a platform that is powered by the Ethereum technology (one of the fastest form of technology in the crypto world). It is a gaming platform where the users will be rewarded by contributing funds to Smart Contract (set of rules and regulations every party involved should follow) which Game Developers will use the fund to create an application. In every successful game project the developers successfully launched or created, you will earn ETH for your contribution. The whole platform is secured by its network of miners.


How VSL works?


The VSL platform is about helping each other and giving thanks in return. The helping is done by giving funds to game developers so they can create their dApps and launch it. In return, the Vdice holder will receive ETH if the dApp is successfully launched. The vSlice tokens are meta-tokens on ETH, the vSlice is empowered by the ETH blockchain.

Vdice video explanation

At the current, there are many crypto enthusiasts who are so eager in buying more VSL tokens and their main reason is profit. According to them, they feel like they have the opportunity to potentially make a large profit every month from trading and contributing to different smart contract game developers.


The way the profits are distributed


The total token market cap is 96 million, for instance, if you’re a Vdice token holder and you own 100,000 of it, which means you have around 0.1% ownership. The current payment period for the platform to distribute profits is within 25 days. The vSlice profit balance is 10,000 ETH, so you as the token holder will receive around 0.1% of it, which is 10 ETH every 25 days.



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