What is Value Chain?

Value Chain (VLC)



The concept of consumer application and payment application based on the blockchain technology is taking the world by storm. This technology is unlocking the way people transact and has fundamentally changed the global order of value and is now the cornerstone of value consumption. VLC is a blockchain based application that helps is achieving seamless payment by docking online and offline shopping sites. Value chain also docks other physical and virtual consumer sites while at the same time rewarding every transaction using the VLC token.

VLC features

VALUE Wallet

The value wallet is the major product of the VLC network. It connects the digital assets, Value Chain, merchants, CBT protocols, and empower consumers to spend instantly with other blockchain assets through debit cards or smartphones.

Cross-blockchain transactions

Value Chain is able to let the Value to communicate directly through their unique technology brought about by the Value Chain team. The adoption of CBT, as known by many people, helps clients to transact digital assets by converting them to pair with the format of the asset that virtual and physical site support. The CBT is utilized only on the Value Chain platform.

 PoV program

The Value Chain uses the Proof of Value Consensus as a new algorithm that acts as the motivation consumption from consumers. The difficulty in mining is determined by the consumption. The consumption value is generated by each VLC token the more tokens are generated the more difficult it is to generate a new token. This process helps when it comes to boosting the value of the VLC token price in the market.

VLC token

Another core asset of the Value Chain is the VLC token. Every transaction can only be completed using the token. The mining of the token is considered a one-time mining operation and consumers or users get rewarded every time to perform the mining services. The more token you consume, the more rewards you get.

Who is behind the VLC?

The code team behind Value Chain consists of Peter Sha. Sha is among top 10 travel agent CEO in Singapore. Others are Lynn Luo, previously worked for NASDAQ Logistic Company and Jianming Liu, based in Silicon Valley.


Value chain Timelines include VLC Launch on June 2016, first cross-blockchain payment, December 2016, VLC concept, design and research, June 2017, core protocol of VALUE, October 2017, VLC token sale and network release, January 2018, CBT network, SDK implementation, VALUES’s online market Q1 2018 and VLC will go live in Q2, 2018.

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