What is Utrust?




UTRUST (UTK) is a payment processing platform that allows merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies as payments from buyers. It is the safest payment platform where both buyers and sellers can benefit from. For buyers, they can pay with any major digital currency with low conversion rate or use UTRUST token with Zero conversion rate. Sellers, on the other hand, receive payment in fiat currency and can keep in their wallet, withdraw to a bank account or convert them into other cryptocurrencies.

How does UTK work?

They offer a safe environment and a trust relationship between buyers and sellers. UTURST marching a string buyer protection and the Blockchain technology, the platform has been able to beat all competition in the online payment industry. Every purchase on the platform is protected until deliver. In the case of disputes, the problems are solved and a calm and friendly way and buyer get refunded in need be. Funds on the platform are transformed into fiat currency and save billions. UTRUST works as a mediator between buyers and sellers.

UTRUST features and benefits

Lower purchase risk

UTRUST covers all purchases for both the goods and services.

Payment Approval Speed

Unlike traditional payment methods, UTRUST approves payments immediately to reduce the risk of fraud. A user can make hassle-free payment.

Low exchange Fees

UTRUST provide buyers and seller low exchange fees using the advanced analytics that connects multiple crypto-currency exchange providers.

Low Seller fees:

the platform charge sellers 1% for every fiat fee received as payments. They charge a flat fee rate of 2.9% for PayPal and goes above 5% all hidden fees.

Safety of funds:

UTRUST leverages the power of the Blockchain technology to reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

No Chargebacks:

Sellers are protected from rampant credit card fraud and a common occurrence in traditional payments.

Customer payment protection:

UTRUST extends consumer protection by covering both virtual and physical purchases.

Resolution of Disputes Timeframe:

UTRUST provide a self-mediated 2-party and an advanced Party resolution dispute mechanism to enable parties to chat in real time.


UTRUST has assembled a kick-ass core team that comprises of software engineers, UX and Design experts supported by cybersecurity. cryptocurrency and venture banking and capital. Nuno Correia is the CEO, Filipe Castro, CIO, Artur Goulao, CTO and Roberto Machado the CPO. Nuno is an early cryptocurrency investor and Castro an MBA with an MSENG and love for disruptive technologies.

The aim of UTRUST is to provide buyers and sellers a better and secure platform for payments that minimizes the risk of fraud and scams.

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