What is Uquid?





UQUID is a decentralized virtual currency, which uses the ERC20 token as the backbone of the ecosystem. The UQUID ecosystem is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a revolution that gives token holders the benefits of instant and effortless cashout. UQUID use the UQC token, which is an ERC20 standard token. They were a total supply of 40 million tokens during the ICO was recently concluded. The name of the coin is UQUID coin and there is a maximum supply of 1 million token per day, which is 24-hours.

UQUID timeline/roadmap

According to the way it is stated on the official website, UQUID only states to amount of coins and money available during different stages of the ecosystem development. In the first stage, 0.4 million of E-money license was available, the 4 million of a mobile multi-coin wallet was made available and finally, 8 million coin trading platform was developed. In future, the platform plans for the development of 20M social coin management fund, 32M coin shopping system and 40M money transfer with a coin.

Benefit of UQUID

  • Altcoin debit card: UQUID issues the first company Altcoin debit card that supports at least 90 coins.
  • Mobile top-up: UQUID offer world’s first mobile top-up with Altcoin worldwide.
  • 11 million transactions,
  • 90 coins supported

UQUID ecosystem feature

The team Behind UQUID believe aim their digitalized world with the unprecedented increase in cryptocurrency use. Some of the features of UQUID ecosystem include:

  • Indirect spending: the UQUID debit card connects with blockchain to become world’s first company that issue Altcoin debit card.
  • Saving: UQUID coin wallet supports multiple altcoin wallets that connects with their debit card.
  • Exchange: users can navigate and use the UQUID exchange platform, to connect with other users.
  • Investing: UQUID uses the social coin management fund to help altcoin find ways to make profits.
  • Direct spending: the coin shopping allows users to connect directly with e-commerce websites and Amazon and eBay.
  • Cashout: The UQUID bank fully supports direct sending from blockchain to banks or cash worldwide.


The recently concluded ICO offered the last day of the ICO, the token holder had the opportunity to opportunities for investors to invest in the UQUID platform. On the last day of the ICO, the token holder had the opportunity to request withdrawals and all withdrawals were completed by 20/11.2017. After the ICO, 45 percent of the ICO funds will be used for development, 30% went to the working capital, 5% legal, 5% marketing and 15% went to overheads.


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