What is Upfiring?

Upfiring (UFR)



Upfiring is the first ever decentralized file-sharing platform application that allows users to earn UFR tokens for simply sharing files. The files that can be shared on the network include music files, torrents, pdf and much more. The process of sharing and exchanging files is powered by the Upfire. There are many things that make Upfiring completely different from other cryptocurrencies platforms and apps. The platform offers different features that allow for easy process and safety data exchange on the platform.

Upfiring Video Explanation

Features of Upfiring

Some of the feature and Upfiring app include:

Cryptographic Hash Indexing

Files on the network are given unique identifiers known as a cryptographic hash. The identifier is used to identify the file. Indexing files using this method allow for ultra-fast transferring and distribution between peers.

Connect with anyone worldwide

Upfiring makes communication and sharing of files easier for anyone in the world. Regardless of native currency, country or language, anyone can connect with the people they want worldwide.

Issue with traditional P2P apps

It’s hard to find people to seed files. Often there is no benefit in seeding files and in a centralized network seeding is even risky depending on the regulations of the local government. The results are that users seeding highly desired files use a high amount of resource which makes downloading files difficult or sometimes impossible. Upfiring makes the situation better when it comes to seeding files.

Crowdsale fund distribution

Anyone can invest in Upfiring during the crowdsale period. After investing, you will receive the UFR ERC20-compliant token directly to your Ethereum wallet. All invested funds are converted to and stored as Ether until explicitly needed. This helps in driving the economy of the cryptocurrency.

Incentivize file-sharing

Upfiring addresses the issues of modern file-sharing industry and aims to solve the issues and change the way users think about file sharing. The network uses UFR token to power and fuel the network transaction at little cost. Seeders are compensated for offering files, encouraging a larger a den prosperous file-sharing environment.

Upfiring conclusion

Upfiring is an iOS, web and android application which creates a decentralized autonomous network between devices.  Upfiring app is free to download. Users using the app can exchange files between each other across the network. The applications resemble other non-blockchain applications, but it allows seeding and downloading. By using the blockchain technology, Upfiring wants to create a decentralized network and a UFR token that fuel transactions. Users can spend UFR freely in exchanges for files.

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