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UnlimitedIP (UIP)



The UnlimitedIP is a creational copyright intelligent trading platform with characteristics of blockchain technology like distributed ledger, traceability, difficult to tampers, hash algorithm, timestamp, and asymmetric encryption. The platform is created by Link Entertainment technology based on the EOC operating system so that it can be able to support millions of low latency, commercial transitions, and free features. The UnlimitedIP is committed to offering users global entertainment IP copyright holders with low cost of copyright certification, registration, copyright certificate, online rights protection, one-stop entertainment, content incubation and intelligence service.

The UIP token

The UIP token is the basic transaction currency of the platform. Each UIP token has its IP and cannot in any way used universally. What is the use of UIP token? The UIP token can be used for many things, including when someone is conducting recreational copyright transactions. Sellers need to split the interest and rights of their IP copyright derivate transactions and the IP interest of smallest unit. After the buyer pays, using UIP, the seller converts the IP copyright asset to the IP unit and pays the seller.

Distribution of UIP Tokens

There is a total of 3 billion with 1.5 billion for sale. Among the 1.5 billion tokens, 450 million tokens are exclusive to UIP whitelist users and BigONE users. The remaining 1.5 billion will be released in the next few years and will be gradually released on other trading exchanges. 500 million tokens will be used as layout recreational ecology community fund and the remaining I Billion will go to development fund which will be indefinitely locked. The tokens will be used for UIP copyright trading ecological construction, team expansion, and media blockchain industry.

Team members

The UnlimitedIP team comes from three distinct fields. The team members have powerful and unique resources and skills needed for UIP project. Consistency and improved projects are some of the characteristics of the team. The team also comprises of experts from entertainment and technological fields. The technical field is led by project provider associates Tai Yi YUN technology and R 7 D team. R & D team is the undertaking party for the project and also in charge of introducing professional technical guidance.

The team also includes Chi Jiangchao the CEO of Tain Lang Qing Ltd, Zhang Hao, who has been working for over 20 years in the entertainment industry, Zhao Lingyan a master of media management in Murdoch University of Australia among others.

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