What is Universa Blockchain?

Universa Blockchain (UTNP)




The current blockchains are considered broken because of their inability to offer speedy transactions, not very smart contract, slow and expensive bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain and a huge bloat. All these issues are making it difficult for blockchains to operate and users are unhappy. However, things are set to change with the inclusion of Universa blockchain. What is the Universa Blockchain and how will it offer solutions and exchange to the blockchain technology?

 What is Universa Blockchain?

The Universa Blockchain is a blockchain meant to offer smarter smart contracts, faster transactions, and fully customizable blockchain. The Blockchain has invented smart money, the speed of up to 20,000 TPS, enormously Low costs and real smart contracts is a bid to help solve the many issues faced by users of the blockchain technology.

What solutions does Universa Blockchain seek to offer its users?

  • A simple protocol where they can build blockchains and apps
  • A high speed of transactions
  • Smarter smart contracts and liquidity on the blockchain
  • Enormously low cost of transactions
  • No bloat

What are the benefits of Universa on your business?

There are several benefits of using Universa Blockchain on your business. The benefits your business is set to get include:

  • Light client for Android
  • Low cost of the transaction to both you and your users
  • Fast blockchain protocol
  • Fully decentralized blockchain
  • Safe smart contracts language
  • Zero knowledge platform with no wallets needed.

The Universa tokens

The Universa blockchain uses two token. The UTN token and the UTN-P token. The UTN token is the actual Universa token. The token is the fastest and most scalable token when compared with other digital assets. It allows for the creation of real-time contracts and apps around the world. The UTN-P token, on the other hand, is an ERC20 compliant token which can be purchased during the token sale only. The token is valid and can be used on the Universa Blockchain. However, the token is in use temporarily until the Universa Mainnet if operations. Once it is operational, users will be able to change the token from UTN-P to UTN.

Universal Blockchain use cases

The Universa Blockchain and the UTN tokens can be used for. Liquidity source for smart contracts and payments

  • Micro uber fast transactions for IoT
  • Offline transactions support
  • Smart contracts for B2B offline contracts
  • Real-time global payments
  • Escrow and Multisig out of the box

The Universa Blockchain is led by CEO Alexander Borodich. Borodich is an experienced and successful entrepreneur in addition to being a visionary and business angle.

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