What is Ulatech?

Ulatech (ULA)

In today’s world, people are making important milestones in development. Everywhere there is an explosion use of technology, which makes everything from speed, information, and services convenient. Ulatech Technology Solution has launched a multi-purpose search application that will help harness the process of finding utility services in Vietnam and around the world. ULA is a multi-search application developed and complemented with a range of services categories that include, pharmacies, transportation, dining venues, recreational venues, hospitals and much more. Ulatech was established by a qualified team of experts who have years of experiences in Finance, Electronic payments, Security systems and high technology.

ULA features

Ulatech has four features that make the network stand out among the rest. These features include:

Apps ecosystem

Ulatech is a search application for anything that you need. Users can search for hotels, massage places, find a car, restaurants and tourist destinations using the app. The application is paid using the ULA token.

Encrypt wallet

Ulatech offer users an Encrypt wallet that helps them to protect their wallet in the safest way possible. Users can view account balances and transaction in real time. Users can also enter their password before the ULA digestion. The process protects users from Trojan or viruses that steal money from their wallets.


Miners of the ULA token will receive 25 ULA for each block. The network is expected to produce 90 million ULA.

Game ecosystem

The help in the growth of Ulatech, the team is planning to develop games that are paid using the ULA token. They will also create the best condition for developers who integrate ULA for their games.

Who is behind it?

The Ulatech team is led by CEO Mr. Han, managers Mr. Hoa, Mr. Thanh and Mr. Long. According to the Ulatech team, they state on their website that they are not perfect, but they work with passion. Passion is the driving force behind the Ulatech team. Their ambition to build a bridge that users can use to acquire ULA in the best way.

ULA wallet works on Linux operating system, Windows operating systems and MacOSX operating system. The wallet is not yet available on Android and IOS wallet. Programmers, developers or partners can use the Ulatech core on Linux. ULA token can be exchanged on exchange platforms that provide varying degrees of privacy, safety, security, and control. Miners can mine ULA and receive a worthy reward.

Project is no longer live

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