What is the first fPoW+DPoS hybrid blockchain?



True Chain is a public blockchain that offers the underlying blockchain infrastructure. In addition, it offers high performance. As well as security for decentralized applications and financial transactions. True Chain is based on fPoW+DPoS hybrid consensus and has a strong global open source developer community supporting it., efficient smart contract infrastructure, and value transfer. Besides the fact, that True Chain started with the creation of the digital advertising industry D-apps but planning to support emerging commercial Dapps. The blockchain wants to offer users a better option when it comes to choosing a blockchain for commercial applications.

Reason for choosing True Chain

The fPoW+DPoS based public blockchain

The True Chain is afPoW+DPoS  based consensus mechanism. As a result, it allows it to apply a public chain as an industry-specific public chain. In the meanwhile, it offers a top choice pathway to build high-performance applications. The fPoW+DPoS hybrid consensus-based chain supports currently 1200 TPS. According to the roadmap, the TPS will be upgraded to reach 10000 TPS.

The True Chain economy

True Chain is building industry-specific middleware, high-performance infrastructure, and usability. The economy comprises of digital advertising, financial services, content economy and game industry. The network is built on a four-layer network that includes consensus layer, smart contracts, contract abstraction, and applications.

Founding team

True Chain was co-founded by a group of blockchain experts. The founding team comprises of Larry Lin, co-founder of Jiou technology, James Cheng, founder and chairman of Jiou technology, Eric Zhang, Yuanwen Wu, CEO of Jiuntum technology Co. Ltd. and others.

In conclusion, TrueChain has 500+ developers from the world that is continuously growing and a well equipped open-source product grid.

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