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True Chain is a public blockchain for real commercial decentralized applications. As the websites describe it, it is, “the next generation public blockchain starting with the digital advertising industry. True Chain is based on an improved PBFT protocol which allows for fast P2P communication, efficient smart contract infrastructure, and value transfer. True Chain started with the creation of the digital advertising industry D-apps but planning to support emerging commercial Dapps. The blockchain wants to offer users a better option when it comes to choosing a blockchain for commercial applications.

Reason for choosing True Chain

The PBFT-based public blockchain

The True Chain is a PBFT-based consensus mechanism that allows it to apply a public chain as an industry-specific public chain. This is a top choice pathway to build high-performance applications. The PBFT-based chain supports 10, 000 TPS.

A huge global digital advertising industry

The development of specific industry contracts and cross-chain protocol depends on the more than 20 million publishers and 10 million advertisers worldwide. The ethereal-kind of the public chain collects and connects incompatible application where no eco-system could be developed.

Thumb-field of internet digital advertising

Social media companies such as Google and Facebook and other companies have more market cap. ADTrue as a feature or product of the True Chain the builds such a different world that can facilitate the industry. The target of ADTrue is to the build a 3 trillion market cap for ADTs.

Rich resources

The team behind true Chain has over 10 years of experience when it comes to the digital advertising industry. The team also has accumulated rich resources of media owners, advertising trading platform, and advertisers and effectively help in linking all links and roles of the chain to achieve resource sharing.

Good extension

Every enterprise in the ADTrue environment can build on it. The ADTrue blockchain is easy to extend to other areas and makes general purposes industry-level public in the near future.

The True Chain economy

True Chain’s in about building industry-specific middleware, high-performance infrastructure, and usability. The economy comprises of digital advertising, financial services, content economy and game industry. The network is built on a four-layer network that includes consensus layer, smart contracts, contract abstraction, and applications.

Founding team

True Chain was co-founded by a group of blockchain experts. The founding team comprises of Larry Lin, co-founder of Jiou technology, James Cheng, founder and chairman of Jiou technology, Eric Zhang, Yuanwen Wu, CEO of Jiuntum technology Co. Ltd. and others.

TrueChain has 500+ developers from the world that is continuously growing and a well equipped open source product grid.


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  • maria
    Posted July 30, 2019 2:41 pm

    hi Admin ,

    May I please ask you to have an updated review about this project. The information you have here is outdated. TrueChain’s mainnet has been launched since March 30, 2019. The whitepaper and roadmap was been updated accordingly as well. Please refer for the more information.

    TrueChain is committed to be the next generation of blockchain infrastructure. It is the world’s first public chain adopting the fPow+ PBFT hybrid consensus that has a strong global open source developer community supporting it. TrueChain provides the underlying public blockchain support with high performance and high security for decentralized application (DApp) and global asset circulation.

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