What is Tron?




The structure of power on the internet has shifted since early 2000’s. Today, have people receive content online, but the process is largely manipulated by giant corporations, who feed and advertise certain ideas into users’ heads constantly, big player dictates what products are sold and the result in the gradual centralization of the internet and content entertainment. To break away from these structures, TRON offers users a way to operate from a completely different perspective.

What is TRON?

TRON (TRX) is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that constructs a free content entertainment system worldwide. Moreover, the creation of the entertainment system is based on the blockchain and distributed storage technology. The TRON protocol allows users to publish, store and own data freely in a decentralized autonomous form. Users can also distribute, subscribe and push contents on the platform. Content creators can release, circulate and deal with digital assets and form a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

Features of TRON

Content enabling

TRON allows digital asset to be obtained through the spread of contents and provision, thus economically stimulating the enabling of content ecology.

Data Liberation

For example, users can unload, store and spread pictures, audios, videos and characters on a free and uncontrolled basis.


In addition digital assets are equipped with a complete set of decentralized infrastructure, including autonomous gaming, distributed exchange, game system, and forecast.

Personal ICO:

users can freely distribute digital assets in the form of ICO. On the other hand, others can enjoy the benefits and services brought due to continue the development of data contributors by purchasing digital assets.

TRX token

TRON uses the TRX as its official token, the TRX is a basic digital currency unit of accounts in the project. The value of the tokens derives from the value of the TRON Blockchain. The TRON Power (TP) is locked TRON. Users can get TP by Locking TRX. Simply, by locking TRX, you are getting voting right. TP holder gets more privileges on the blockchain ecosystem that those with TRX. The content owner can solve issues with their digital assets using the TRON 20 standards and other can enjoy the services and benefits by buying digital assets from data contributors.

In short, The project is led by CEO Justin Sun, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, the Sun was in the 2015 Forbes list and 30 under 30. Other team members include Lucien Chen, Xie Xiaodong and Keelson Yang among others. Chen is the CTO, Yang, technical director, and Xie a developer.

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