What is Trippki?

Trippki (TRIP)




Trippki is an ecosystem application that takes a crypto-economic approach to revolutionize the hotel booking industry by disintermediating existing online travel agent models. The ecosystem takes this approach to try and incentivize that sharing of value between hotels and customers. The Trippki ecosystem gas a platform where users can earn TRIP token based on the loyalty rewards from crypto assets. It also has a familiar user interface that makes the hotel booking platform at the same time offer better deals in terms of promotions and rewards. It creates new and better relationships between hotels and guests.


Benefits of Trippki

Bring new types on an ecosystem that allows for loyalty reward points system, Trippki offers the following benefits:

  • Valuable rewards: Using the TRIP token, Trippki offers users supply, create economic incentives and burn mechanism that delivers real value to its users and anyone who participates.
  • Better relationships: Hotels using the Trippki ecosystem can enjoy offering their customers tailor bespoke deals, provide guest freedom from restrictive practices and helps hotels bring customers relationship to a new level.
  • Distributed ecosystem: Since the ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is able to deliver an open ecosystem and power of crypto-economics to the traveling community and hotels.

Token sale

The Trippki token sale is scheduled for QI 2018. A total of 200 million TRIP tokens will be available if which 40% will be sold during the token sale. The presale Phase is now open and the ecosystem offers limited discounts for participation. US citizens cannot participate in the token sale, but it will be available for them once the system is implemented.

TRIP token

Tripping uses the TRIP token to power the Trippki ecosystem. The TRIP is an Ethereum based token which is ERC20 compliant. The ecosystem only accepts ETH for sale and is targeting to raise 26,000 ETH and a hard cap of 36, 000 ETH during the token sale.

Who is behind the ecosystem?

Ed Cunningham is the CEO of the platform helped by CFO bill Purves, Chief Commercial officer Mark Crostone and senior developer Israel Levin among others. Ed has 20+ years of experience in the hospital and tourism industry and is also the managing director at Bentleys Bespoke Travel. Bill on his side is a senior executive the professional experience in both multi-national companies and start-up. Mark has extensive experience as a developer. Israel on the hand has over 20 years of experience and enterprise-grade software production.



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