What is Trinity?




Trinity is an off chain scaling scheme that uses the state channel technology to implement an NEO chain expansion solution for enterprises. The scheme acts as a lightening network for NEI to help in achieving real-time payments, scalability, privacy protection and low transaction fees for NEO assets. The state channels significantly increase the blockchain throughput for NEP-5 token transfers. The scheme is planning to host its Public token sale some hours from now.

Four key features

The Trinity scheme offers user four main features that go along the way the helping them make better use of the platform in a fast and simple way. The features of Trinity scheme include:

  • Private payment channel
  • Lightning fast
  • Settlement on-chain
  • Open protocol.

The overall framework of Trinity is divided into three layers. The layer includes the Blockchain layer which is the NEO, the state channel layer (SCL), the channel Network Layer (CNL), the channel service layer, CSL) and the Dapp. The layers are completely decoupled from each other and each of the layers serves DAPP independently. The DAPPs are deployed according to the business needs and use API of trinity’s logic to secure corresponding services available.

The Trinity scheme also uses the Proof of asset (PoA) which is equivalent to settlement reserve funds. The PoA is the key factor in off-chain scaling solutions. The PoA is achieved through has a lock and digital signature where transactions are performed with maiden digital assets as collaterals.

Benefits of Trinity

Just like the meaning of the name Trinity, the scheme offers three main benefits to users. The scheme offers users high-quality blockchain services, efficient trading services and efficient flow of assets all under one scheme.

Application scenarios

Anyone who would like to use the Trinity scheme can use it for:

  • Instant micropayment
  • High-frequency privacy transaction
  • NEO off chain scaling

Token distribution

Trinity plans to release 1 billion tokens. The tokens will be distributed in parts. Part one is private donation which will receive 111,111,111 designated units. Part 2 includes the public donation where 222,222,222 tokens will be distributed. Part 3 is an operational allocation and 152, 663,333 tokens will be allocated. Part 4 in ESOP and 180,670,000 tokens will be designated. The last part involved 333,333,333 units which will go to the main lock.


Trinity was founded by David Yiling Li, a former ant shares overseas manager. He is helped by co-founder Guangfeng Zhang and Fengping Yi. Other core team members include Yang Li, and Will Wei WU, CoreDev and Trinity Chief Spokeswoman Lola Xie.

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