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Triggers (TRIG)




Smart guns are increasingly becoming more common nowadays. They are preferred by many people across the globe. Blocksafe offers an easy way that keeps everybody who owns a smart gun in control at all times. Blocksafe is a blockchain-based platform the help manage your smartgun technology anonymously reducing gun crimes. Blocksafe uses the technology behind Bitcoin to come up with the infrastructure for smart gun technologies. The foundation believes that a secure, anonymous and decentralized infrastructure is essential to help smart gun technologies reach their full potential.

Why do people need a company like Blocksafe foundation?

The internet is evolving and so is everything in the world of interconnected smart devices. Smartgun is one of the interconnected smart devices that is increasingly becoming available and popular. Smart guns are firearms that are locked to someone’s identity either using biometric sensors, RFID chips or other forms of locks. You can’t use them unless you are the registered owner. The Blocksafe protocol was founded by the Blocksafe foundation for this purpose.

Blocksafe features

Blocksafe has key features that will help the platform accomplish its mission. Here are the key features of the ecosystem:

Enhanced owner control

Blocksafe is reliable, secure and anonymous. The technology behind the ecosystem includes decentralized VPN (DVPN), Telehash, blockchain and torrent technologies. Each smartgun sensor is connected to hybrid network chain through connection systems and offline infrastructure.

Blocksafe Foundation

The Blocksafe foundation believes self-defense is a human right. They believe smartgun technology promotes self-defense at the same time creating a safer world.

Trigger Token

Trigger Token powers the Blocksafe economy. It is a machine to machine token that power every event that takes place between smart guns and other smart devices participating in the Blocksafe economy. Trigger token (TRIG) is tradable on Bittrex.

How does Blocksafe work?

The Blocksafe aim at making smart guns more accessible. Here is how it works.

  • You add gun registration and your identification to Blocksafe.
  • Your data is stored in an anonymous, encrypted way.
  • Once you use your gun, it sends details to the Blocksafe ledger and an emergency personnel views the details.

When you become a member of Blocksafe, you receive a notification every time your gun has been used. You can also choose to alert your family member or friends about the incident. The four key members of the Blocksafe foundation include founder Kevin Barnes, advisor/engineering architect Joseph Schultz, Andrew Filipowski and senior advisor Michael Terpin.

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