What is Tradershub?

Tradershub (THT)


Announces in December 2017, Tradershub THT is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows individuals to participate in the crypto economy. The platform combines sophisticated engineering with crowd-sourced intelligence and an elegant UI to come up with a social trading platform that gives traders everything they need for effective trading and a safe, and trustworthy trading environment. The Tradershub also allows community members to incentivize, cooperate and contribute value-added services to the platform. They can also publish trading information to the platform.

How does the platform works?

Being a social trading and a rewarding platform, Tradershub has multiple features that allow it to work in a way that gives users the experience they are looking for. Some of these features include:

The Tradershub token

The Tradershub token or THT is the core feature of the platform. It is the utility token that supports applications and services on the platform. The token is used to access various services and features on the platform and also used to pay any fees for things such as premium data feeds, ghost trading and more.

Social features and Tradershub community

The Tradershub platform integrates various social components. These components allow traders on the platform and the community to access services and other products of the platform. The features also allow the team to reach their goal of creating a collaborative environment where members of the community are incentivized. This allows for the creation of long-term sustainability of the platform.

Unified marketplace

The central part of the platform is the Unified Marketplace. The Unified Marketplace is dedicated to trading operations like market data analysis, portfolio management, and trading executions. This marketplace has all major cryptocurrencies exchanges integrated into it, which means traders can monitor and manage their balance cross various exchanges. Traders can also access real-time market data and interactive tools to gain deeper insights into the trading process the trading process of the platform.

Tradershub features and benefits.

  • Here are additional features and benefits of Tradershub.
  • Simplified Liquidity and One Click Trading
  • Access All Major Exchanges on One Screen
  • Social Network and Ghost Trading
  • Mobile Trading
  • Demo And Paper Trading
  • Smart Routing System
  • Create Watchlists
  • Advanced Orders
  • Chart Trading
  • Alerts And Notifications
  • Who is behind Tradershub?

Tradershub is led by Professional Trader and Co-founder, Tilen Sarlah, Co-Founder and Professional Trader, Nikola Maljkovic and Co-Founder and Investor, Peter Drobez. The aim of the team is to create a multi-featured platform that provides solutions to crucial problems seen in today’s trading exchanges.

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