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Toptal is a distributed network that encompasses top blockchain engineers, consultants, and developers. Different companies and blockchain platform can use Toptal to find experts who they can work together in launching ICOs, create Dapps, writing smart contracts and much more. Toptal is a freelance talent marketplace for blockchain engineering talents, on the other hand, it also helps in blockchain ecosystem development overall by allowing for cross-pollination of blockchain development projects. The blockchain has adapted to new Blockchain specialization to accelerate, adapt and scale the blockchain ladder.

Toptal vision

The aim of the platform is to connect users with Toptal blockchain engineers who are able to meet their requirements and finish their task in a timely manner. The expert works remotely from their home office and a working space, but any company can hire a full-time worker from Toptal and bring them into their company.

Benefits of Toptal

Some of the benefits you are set to get from using Toptal includes:

  • Ample time to find a Toptaler
  • Zero recruiting fee
  • You are guaranteed if quality services
  • No fees for termination cost.

You can also be sure to get the best services as the failure rate of candidates on the platform is very low. All Toptalers are pre-screened candidates with needed expertise and knowledge.

Team dynamics

Toptal team dynamics include:

Painless communication

Toptalers have proven experience and can convey complex concepts to all stakeholders.

Quick team ramp-up

The candidates are well-versed in various fields and collaboration tools. This means they have the ability to quickly and smoothly adapt to any environment.

Reliability and flexibility

For those willing to work for Toptal, you can scale the ladder within weeks and not months or years as other freelancing platforms do. As for companies, they can transition any Toptaler to a part-time role or even stop using them just as quickly as you hired them.

Who are behind Toptal?

Toptal was co-founded by CEO Taso Du Val and COO Breanden Beneschott. Taso manages Toptal’s core team of team members from all over the world, on the other hand, Breanden is the one behind Toptal’s growth. He is the one who helps in building world-class teams and operational infrastructure for over 40 countries in a bid to meet the talent needs of over 10,000 Toptal clients.

Other team members include CTO, Alexander Danilenko, VP of talent operation Alvaro Oliveira, VP of engineering Bozhidar Batsov, and VP of finance Carlos Aguirre among others. For more information about Toptal, visit https://www.toptal.com/.



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