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With the growing focus on data breaches, there is the need for data security and Topia platform help in achieving that. Topia technology is a company found in 1999 and has spent the last decade in securely managing and moving complex data in complex data distributed environments. Topia has formed innovative solutions and has a seasoned engineering team that helps it meet its clients’ demands. The platform introduces military –grade security platform that offers users with unmatched security, performance, and flexibility.

Topia ensures new levels of privacy, security, and compliance for data regardless of how it is accessed and where the data is stored. The Topia Technology addresses the crisis of data exploitation. The technology team has spent over a decade solving the problems associated with data exploitation and complex distributed system from a variety of federal agencies and DOD. Topia Technology also brings unmatched security to everyone who wants to share information privately and securely.


According to the Topia Technology team and their website. Topia Technology offers features for the benefits of its users. The features include:

Secure decentralized file sharing

The Topia Technology delivers a robust and Secure Decentralized File Sharing Infrastructure (SDFS) by combining its patents security for encrypting and shredding data using the power of blockchain. With the SDFS, businesses and individual are able to securely and easily share digital assets with confidence and without a central server. SDFS infrastructure handles any file size and format and protects them against multiple threats.

Battle-tested security

Topia technology has a patent security that shreds data and configure them into chunks and wraps them with a unique encryption key for every chunk. Your digital assets are impervious to SSL/TLS exploits and kept safe from any attacks.

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Benefits of SDFS

Using the SDFS infrastructure users can:

  • Share digital assets and sensitive data such as medical records, title deeds, wills, financial information and agreement in a secure way.
  • Users can easily and securely create a workspace where they can freely share digital assists, and invite members. The assets will never be cleared from the origin point to the destination point.
  • SDFS securely share assets of any format and size. If you want to protect your tax document, medical information or a photo, SDFS offer unmatched security for shared information.

The Topia Technology team

The Topia Technology is led by CEO Janine Terrano. Jeff Cesari is the EVP of Corporate development, John Haager the Chief Blockchain Architect and Dan Joslin the director and Security Strategist.

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