What is TokenDesk?



As the token space develops, the need to have a professional infrastructure for publishing of ICOs develops too. The main challenges that ICO nowadays face are becoming similar to the ones that IPO are facing. Safety, reliability, and comfort are just some of the challenges ICOs infrastructure are facing today. TokenDesk project is a platform that addresses these main challenges. The team led by CEO Gintaras Tamosiunas has all the knowledge and experience to develop TokenDesk to become the best ICOs direct marketplace platform that solved the challenges seen in the cryptocurrency community.

What makes TokenDesk different from other cryptocurrencies?

TokenDesk is a platform that can be used by both investors and ICO publishers. For investors, they can TokenDesk is the biggest ICOs marketplace for a direct token for all ICOs and other services. It offers a range of payment methods, rating system and automatic token purchases and pre-ordering for people who need the services.

As a platform for ICO publishers, TokenDesk is one direct place where all ICO tokens can be purchased. It has the biggest potential investment channel, a range of wallets, ICO’s evaluation system, among others. The platform provides a secondary market for cryptocurrency community and keeps all assets in the blockchain.

TokenDesk features

TokenDesk takes pride in some of its features that help to propel the platform to greater heights. Its features are:

All payment methods

Users can purchase several currencies such as ETH and BTC, or Waves and BTC. Unfortunately, for investors to purchase a specified token, they need to exchange the currency every time. That’s why the team decides to find a solution to make payments safer, easier and faster.

Rating process

The rating process is another feature that TokenDesk takes pride in. They create a ranking system that benefits token holders when they are deciding which ICO to invest with. Token holders who participate in voting earn additional income. The rating process is easy and enough to rank the ICO within minutes.

Integrated wallet

Wallet allows users to trade on cryptocurrency platforms. After you register at TokenDesk, an integrated wallet is prepared for every investor so that they can start trading freely. Its wallet is a technical solution that investors use to directly purchase token by just a click.

Aside from CEO and Co-founder Gintaras, TokenDesk team includes other abled members like Jaanus Beilmann, CEO at AS Baltic Ticket Holdings, Karolis Petrikis, Partner at Mediapark and Aleksandr Kasinskil CEO at Kvitki Bel among others

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