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TokenCard (TKN) is a decentralized platform, which allows the users to spend their tokens on the use of a debit card anywhere in the world. According to TKN’s developers, their main aim is to put crypto users in control. The users do not have to deposit funds within the TKN platform, but rather their tokens will be put in a contract wallet securely, so they have the full responsibility of what happens to their funds.


How TKN works?


The users will be able to spend their token to buy items or groceries as long as there are debit card terminals around. Another feature that the TKN platform offers is that it allows the user to spend multiple tokens in a single transaction, which means that if you have Doge or Ethereum tokens, you can spend them both to purchase an item. The transaction will be done autonomously to maintain privacy in your contract wallet while you complete transactions.

Tokencard video explanation

The users are also allowed to set allowances that enable TokenCard payments, but you can always revoke or modify it anytime you wish. The users will also retain the full control and security of the contract wallet while gaining access and utilizing global payments network. The platform has a mobile Token app referred atothe “Post Bank Era” where users will be able to manage their tokens.


They can also reset their pins if they want to. Reviewing of the spending activity can also be done with the use of the app as well making and requesting payments to and from their consumers, family, and friends. The electronic wallet is where users can quickly and safely interact with their tokens.  




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