What is Titanium Blockchain?

Titanium Blockchain (BAR)




The Internet age has brought forth some of the best advantages for many businesses and individuals. The benefits include the information superhighway, information dissemination at lightning speed and corporations into business scenes. The internet age has completely revolutionized the business processes. However, what is the entire IT is virtualized, including load-balancers, firewalls, routers, switches, services and network application? This is the question asked by the TBIS (Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services).

What is the TBIS CONCEPT?

The TBIS concept is a blockchain based concept that aims to create a decentralized network infrastructure that encompasses firewalls, switches, data centers, and other network components. The concept leverages the power of the blockchain technology to disrupt the virtualization and provisioning markets to offer an interconnected and integrated global network. The TBIS aims to offer virtual infrastructure services for individuals and companies alike and solve the problems of expensive web hosting services.

Services offered by TBIS

Platform as a service (PaaS)

TBIS offers organizations technical expertise to create Dapps and DAOs. The organizations can purchase deployment resources and decentralized development that enable to creation of dapps and DOAs.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The TBIS framework encompasses the creation of robust distributed network infrastructure for individuals and corporations.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

You can the Titanium Cloud to ghost the entire computer network using the DaaS service framework. The Titanium Cloud uses the SHAKE256 Titanium Sponge Cryptographic technology that provides improved security features.

Company as a Service (CaaS)

CaaS supports entrepreneurs who want to start a business by offering a workable protocol based on the smart contracts. The CaaS framework provides solutions for trademarks, business registration, the filing of patents and domain registration among other things.

TBIS Token

The TBIS ecosystem uses the BAR token for payments, verifying third-party marketplace contracts and participating in the completion votes. The BAR is an ERC20 compatible token since the TBIS is an Ethereum-based platform.


The team behind TBIS include a management and development team with years of experience in diverse fields. The team is led by Michael Stollaire, the President and CEO, Richard Silver COO, Stuart Siegler, Ethereum developer and Enterprise Automation Expert and Joe Buccini, Technical Advisor among others. Stollaire is also the CEO and founder of EHI, a reputable company that provides enterprise infrastructure management solutions. The aim of the team is to provide a viable service solution and create a robust decentralized network infrastructure for individuals and businesses.


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