What is Time New Bank?

Time New bank (TNB)




Time is now seen by many as a commodity that can be of commercial value. It’s a concept that has already been tried and used in the human society. The only problem with the commercial value is that there is still a long journey for time commodities to become a mature merchandising segment. However, the Miao’A international Timechain (M.I.T) is dedicated to building a time-value based transmission network.

M.I.T is introducing Time New bank or TNB, a digital currency based on a Blockchain technology. The aim of M.I.T is to establish a time-value transmission network which comprises of prominences of payment flexibility, decentralization, pricing, transparency, internationalization and strong protection of rights and Proof-of-Stake.

Problems M.I.T seek to solve.

The current pain-points on the market can be elaborated as below:

  • The lack of transformation tools means for individuals’ time to become commercialized
  • The lack of a centralized time product trading platform creates complexity for time demanders to make purchase decisions and acquire product information.
  • The lack of well-accepted valuation and objective standards for the value of time commodities.
  • Lack of effective monitoring to verify the authenticity of time commodity transactions. That can give rise to time exports foul plays.
  • The M.I.T after doing a market research and analysis, the combining the team’s strong offline resources integration sale and ability capacity.

The M.I.T platform and TNB

The M.I.T refers to a decentralized time commodity platform based on a grid. The platform is in combination with TNB, an accurate time-value-based transmission network. Under the structure, time demanders can quickly retrieve to position and purchase the exact time commodity for a time exporter. After the purchase, time demander’s as either transfers them to a secondary market or materialize the time commodities.

The M.I.T ecosystem

The M.I.T ecosystem is able to cater more time exports besides high-valued entrepreneurs and celebrities. The will be an overlap exports and demanders, individuals have the ability to serve as long as they are recognized. They can monetize their time. M.I.T ecosystem thrives on everyone’s time valuable and the inclusion of self-fulfillment for each individual.

Who is behind the TNB?

The team Behind the TNB consist of Vincent Lim, a graduate of the national university of Singapore. He has a bachelor degree in computer science and he is a former expert and executive in data fields. Other include Best Liang, Andrew Wong, and Chris Weilacker. They are also a number of consultants and investors on the ecosystem.

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