What is Tierion?

Tierion (TNT)


Since its inception several years ago, blockchain has become the new standard for verification and trust of data. Tierion (TNT) has turned the blockchain industry into a global platform where developers can verify any file or data and process. Tierion is a blockchain-based platform that offers developers and its users a new standard for verifiable data. It uses the blockchain to transform how data is shared and secured in the world. Developers can take advantage of the system to process data and other files.

Features found in Tierion.

Tierion has some of the exciting features than other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Some of the features are:

Hash API

Hash API that lets developers anchor up to 100 records for free per second. It offers the fastest way for developers to add blockchain data security, timestamping and cryptographic audit trails to their applications.

Integrate with 500+ Apps

Using Zapier, Tierion can connect to over 5000 online services at a go. Developers can connect to Slack, Gmail, MailChimp, Salesforce, Google Sheets and many other at the same time. You can send data to other applications using Tierion or you can use Zapier to send data to Tierion from other apps.

Data collection

One thing that makes Tierion stand out is how it makes collecting data an easy task. Tierion enables users to collect data from mobile applications and from the web easily. To use the platform for data collection, you simply need to create a data store and send us data via HTML or REST API that Tierion offer. The platform automatically creates a Chainpoint proof, which is used to verify the data sent, what time it was collected and remains unaltered.


Chainpoint is used to anchor data to the blockchain. This feature proofs cryptographically link a hash data to a transaction on the blockchain. Anyone who has proof can verify timestamp and integrity of the information in the blockchain.

Other uses of Tierion include regulatory compliance and transparency, IoT data collection and provenance, verifiable data for clinical trials, Audit trail for any business process among others. Developers take advantage of the platform to anchor data to the blockchain to prove the data integrity. They can also use the platforms APOI and other tools to create new applications and enhance existing ones. Tierion has tools and features that developers find friendly and easy to use. To gain access to the platform, you need to sign up using the web page at Tierion 


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