What is Tidex?

Tidex (TDX)


The blockchain and the cryptocurrency industries are still experiencing newcomers. One of the most recent platform to be launched is the Tidex platform. Even though Tidex has been in existence for some months now, it has already introduced a new option to trade cryptocurrency online. With a simple setup and easy-to-follow steps, the platform is easy to understand, especially because of the interface that offers customers the most out of their trading efforts. Tidex works as cryptocurrency exchange and BTC trading platform where users can buy, sell and even margin.

How does Tidex work?

Tidex allows for people to get altcoin or a custom token listed on the site. To get the products, a proper AML/KYC transaction is a must. The transaction is what helps make the coin active. Users also need to pay a single listing fee. The trading process starts by allowing people to list coins and then the market analysis tools are used to review how the transactions are labeled. The reviewing process helps when it comes to what is on the site at any given time and also offers a simple organization that all can follow.

Why choose the Tidex Platform?

There are many positive reasons that make Tidex a better Platform to choose from. One of the reasons for choosing Tidex in because of its features. Here are some of its features:

  • Security: Tidex primary concern and risk management and different internal control measures.
  • API: the platform offers an API for cross-platform trading.
  • Fee: Tidex offer the simplest fee structure possible, it offers 0.1% both for market takers fee and market makers fee.
  • Support center: Tidex support center is available 24/7 and they are ready to help with any inquires every time.
  • Fix protocol: although the Fix protocol is not yet launched, the platform hopes to launch it as soon as possible, the fix protocol will make the trading experience simpler and more enjoyable.
  • User-friendly: the Tidex interface is user-friendly, it can be accessed on your phone, tablet, laptop or the desktop.

Benefits of Tidex

Leverage your strategy for greater profits

The Tidex team has employed a suite of tools that edit and monitors the order types for smarter investment decisions.

Buy, sell, margin and exchange

The platform offers quick and easy deposits without taking privacy and security for granted. They make sure any of the digital currency, Ethereum, and Waves based on cross pairs and token can be traded on the exchange.

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