What is Thrive Token?

Thrive Token (THRT)




The frequent concerns by advertisers over transparency and safety in terms of the kind of content their ads will appear next is hurting the advertising industry. Thrive is a blockchain based marketplace where crypto enthusiast,  advisors, developer and other people can buy and sell advertising at low fees. On the Thrive blockchain, people get paid for sharing data and other get paid for reviewing the quality of websites in the ecosystem. According to Forbes, Thrive is a blockchain startup that you need to keep your eye on. The startup uses a meritocratic, community-based system that rewards consumers and publishers from all over the world.

What does Thrive do?

To solve the issues in the industry, Thrive Lab’s ambition is to build a better internet and to establish the first meritocratic and community-based premium advertising marketplace. They want to create a marketplace where participants from all walks of life can come together and become strong contributors in defining commercial benefits, clear publisher interests and self-reinforcing process with no barrier for those who want to join.

Features and benefits

Built from community consensus

Thanks to the blockchain technology, low transactions, and full ledger transparency, Thrive is able to offer lower feds and reach a bigger percentage of the consensus. Both consumers and publishers on the platform that are willing to share data anonymously will get monetary rewards since the data will go a long way in helping Thrive to steadily support the market.

Anti-patronage advertising marketplace, reputation based

Thrive is a reliable, transparent and sustainable reputation mechanism that minimizes the risks of fraudulent behavior. The mechanism used helps to review reviewer’s reports and acts as an anti-fraud mechanism.

Reviewers reward

This is the core value for service rewarding. The meritocratic model a token equivalent price of 10% to the winning reviewer and other shared among the top contributors.

 User reward

According to the whitepaper, the users’ reward is the value of consumer’s data sharing. “Thrives Blockchain is going to reward up to 3GB equivalent of anonymous data sharing per user/month. Enough to entirely pay or highly contribute to consumers’ mobile internet subscription. All data will be treated fully anonymously in respect of all GDPR 2018 laws and regulations. Once segmented and profiled, data will be permanently deleted.”


Thrive is led by a board of advisors and other experts. Atsushi Hisatsumi is the lead advisor and also the founder and CEO of Extravaganza international. He is helped by Urs Walchli and James Catania among others.

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