What is the Bitdeal?

What is the Bitdeal?

Bitdeal (BDL)




Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity among people. However, it is not enough just to know that cryptocurrency exists. You need to know how different cryptocurrencies work to be able to choose which one you will invest in your net worth. Cryptocurrencies are widely volatile and inherently speculative. So if you are planning to invest your capital with one them, you need to search for the one that will suit your need. In this article, we are going to discuss one cryptocurrency, the Bitdeal.

What is the Bitdeal?

Bitdeal (BDL) coin as a digital currency that allows for safer and private transaction for everyone around the globe. The BDL aims at providing professional exchange facilities and trading within the law. With strong legal protection and technology for financial assets, Bitdeal is the true meaning of value. Bitdeal ecosystem is launching tools for private investors and regular users in the global marketplace as well as for financial institutions and institutional investors. Bitdeal plans to bring global payment system closer than ever to investors and users.

What are the products that Bitdeal use?

There are various products provided by Bitdeal’s partners. Some of these products include dining, coffee, spa and much more. With the Bitdeal’s shopping application, users can buy products and use the service found on Bitdeal with the best discount. Briefly, Bitdeal equals group plus Agoda plus cryptocurrency. You can use Bitdeal anywhere you want, but before access, you need to first sign up with them to get the Bitdeal coins.

Where is the Bitdeal coin traded?

Currently, Bitdeal is trading on the Novaexchange trading platform with BDL/LTC, BDL/ ETH, and BDL/BTC pairs. There are links found on the website that you can use to trade the Bitdeal coin. There are no other platforms where Bitdeal is being exchanged apart from the Novaexchange platform at the moment.

Bitdeal (BDL) main ideas

Bitdeal main ideas include sharing economy and cryptocurrency. While other coins facilitate cash transactions, Bitdeal is based on contract mechanism. For example, Bitcoin facilitates cash transactions, whereas Bitdeal facilitates a complex blockchain based contract mechanism. Bitdeal is dedicated to validating money. When it comes to cryptocurrency, Bitdeal is written in a Turing complete Language as opposed to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

If you are interested in BDL coins, you should see Bitdeal real rates that are updated 24/7. It will help you understand the price fluctuation and its capital.

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