What is TenX?

Tenx (PAY)





TenX (PAY) is a platform, which is aiming to make it easier for blockchain to be used in the real world. It will connect multiple blockchains using COMIT standard, which works to connect multiple blockchains without any fees. TenX is a wallet, which enables the users to spend their blockchain assets through their smartphone either offline or online. According to some crypto enthusiasts, what’s interesting is that cryptocurrencies will not have to be converted to fiat money unless an actual and real-time transaction happens.

TenX held an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on the 24th of June 2017 and was able to gather 100,000 Ethereum (ETH) from the 4,000 participants in 7 minutes, which ended their ICO target. With their presale token of 100,000 ETH, their total funding reached 200,000 ETH. An ICO serves a capital-raising process done with participants.

How TenX works?

The users can also request the TenX debit card, which can be used anywhere, where Visa or Mastercard is accepted, and that card will also allow the users to withdraw the money that they store in blockchain assets in any ATMs that accept standard cards.

On every transaction that took place in the network, the token holder will receive rewards, which is about 0.5%(due to company restructure this might no longer be offered), cardholders will also be rewarded with 0.1% cash back in every transaction that they make. It is obviously not a lot, but it could be something when it stacks up. TenX is offering a 0% spending and exchanges fees, which is the best payment solutions out there.

Tenx card video

The TenX Wallet is a multi-asset crypto-currency wallet that can be used with a
debit card. The TenX wallet  support  Bitcoin, ETH, ERC20, and Dash


Tenx White Paper

Their team is based in Singapore, which is composed of nine-team members and three advisers. The team is extremely active and engaged in a various community like Twitter, Slack, and various blogs. The developers have already worked on basic apps that are ready to download to mobile users. It is a real-life application that will make the life of crypto users easier when it comes to paying for goods like coffee and meals.


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