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The blockchain technology is yet again experiencing a new crypto platform this time in the telecom and mobile network technology. Telcoin a new cryptocurrency with the same advantages as those of already existing cryptocurrency. When compared to traditional payment providers. Telcoin has the same advantages but with other bonuses that traditional platforms don’t offer. Since Telcoin is based on the Ethereum technology, it is focused on enabling easy conversion between prepaid credit, postpaid billing platform, and telecom mobile money by connecting with mobile networks worldwide. Here are some basic details regarding the features ICO and the team

How does Telcoin work?

Telcoin uses a simple model in the way it works. They distribute Telcoin to mobile networks and to incentives and the incentives which are the operators sell them to their subscribers. They Telcoin also uses a wallet-agnostic ERC20-compliant token issued by telecoms.

Benefits of Telcoin

  • Available worldwide: Telcoin has partnered with Telco’s, to bring the Telco in platform accessible to more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide.
  • Issued by telecom operators: Telcoin is exclusively distributed by GSMA mobile network operators which makes it easily accessible.
  • Built on a solid foundation: Telcoin inherits the strength of a trusted network by leveraging the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

Features of Telcoin

Flexible Telco API

Telcoin exchange API and pricing allows interaction with mobile networks when it comes to postpaid billing systems, mobile money accounts, and prepaid platforms. The process is via USSD, SMS, REST APIs and Diameter.

Incentives adoption

Operators can immediately qualify to receive continuous Telcoin issuance by connecting to Telcoin. The more a network connected to Telcoin, the more the operator receives.

Wallet agnostic

Telcoin immediately provides the TenX wallet to users and helps telecoms release branded Telcoin wallets. Telcoin also cooperates with third-party wallets and other operators proprietary.

Truly mobile-friendly

Telcoin can be fully integrated with any mobile spending habits, including online payments, international remittances, mobile top-ups and ad hoc transfers.

The Token sale

Telcoin Token sale whitelisting is ongoing and open to those who want to be whitelisted. Only those whitelisted are the ones who can buy the Tycoon coin. First, you get whitelisted, you need to fill in a form found on the official website and successful applications will only be confirmed via Email.


Telcoin was co-founded by CEO, Claude Eguienta, and Chairman Paul Neuner. The lead developer is Simo Kinnunen, Mobile Lead Adam kull, and Naim Boughazi the Product Director.


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