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From the consumer side, Specs are hard to evaluate in a clear and systematic manner. For online retailers, clearly displaying Specs let alone finding them is a nightmare and comes at a bigger cost. TechSpecs is a cryptocurrency platform that has developed a website with the technical specification that helps consumers and online retailers to find and display specs. The website is embedded with an ever-increasing number of products, an AI-driven specs generator, and an embeddable widget.

TechSpecs use cases

TechSpecs has a map for several of the most immediate and common use cases for its services. The uses cases are as follows:

AI-driven specs generator for second-hand marketplaces

Sellers can use TechSpecs to find products in seconds and to also send specs about their products to various marketplaces. The process helps when it’s come to avoiding lengthy back-end forth messaging.

Specs and compatibility checker

According to speech, “Anyone can quickly view the specs of their computer, compare electronics to each other, or even check if a computer game is compatible.

Widget for tech bloggers and YouTubers

Tech bloggers and YouTubers can benefit from using Techspecs. The platform bloggers and YouTubers can embed TechSpecs of the products they want to review saving themselves time, giving them credibility and useful review in the reader’s eyes.

Better customer support for app developers and game developers.

Developers can use TechSpecs to send out an email that contains a specs link to users email address. After the user clicks on the email, he or she will be able to get all the support they need.


  • Q3/Q4 2017: development of core products, ideation, and UX design
  • Q1 2018: the launch of the official website, specs ICO and widgets for technology bloggers, specification link generator for e-commerce seller, the launch of the TechSpecs specification checker and new product categories.
  • Q2/3 2018: the launch of the ICO, TechSpecs “discover”, localization of the platform and onboarding of the first wave of big customers.
  • Q4 2018: expansion of product category, the launch of service for Tech support and game developers diagnostics and onboarding of the second wave of big customers.
  • Q1 2019: Rollout of the Manager and TechSpecs Ad and the launch of advertisements in Techspecs ecosystem.


Techspecs for people to find specs for items they want to purchase, sell, own and want to write a review about. TechSpecs can be used by consumers, eCommerce marketplaces, and business. The team is led by Craig Humphrey CEO together with other experts.

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