What is Target Coin?

Target Coin (TGTCoin)


Investors nowadays are using the blockchain technology to invest. However, the blockchain technology is faced with risks, transferring, owning, technical barriers and trading differences issues. The target coin is introducing a new innovative business model that investors can use to capitalize on the blockchain technology and generate risk adjustable cryptocurrencies. Target coin also known as TGTCoin is open for investments during the different rounds of the ICOs. Basically, the platform makes everything easier for investors to invest in the blockchain technology and in cryptocurrencies without exposing themselves.

How Target Coin works

Depending on the investor demand, TGTCoin works in various forms. The platform is built using smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain. TGTCoin plans to raise additional capital when it feels necessary, the additional capital is beneficial to increase market dominance and market liquidity. The entire system revolves around the use of technical analysis, machine learning, and big data. Using the three systems, TGTCoin invests and trades in the blockchain technology at the same time giving full transparency to investors.

Target Coin Token

The system revolves around the target coin (TGT). TGT token is issued on top of all the profit sharing smart contract. That smart contract allows users to collect quarterly profits. As the performance on the coin improves so does the value of the coin, it also increases. Investors receive profits from the token and from the future sale of their tokens if they wish to.

Target Coin vision

TGTCoin has a vision of delivering risk-adjusted returns on both the downside and upside in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets using groundbreaking strategy and innovative technology. They are in the process of building a portfolio monitoring tool that will enable investors to check their trading history and validate their performance in real time.

About Target Coin team

Target coin is led by chairman and CEO Akshath Naik, COO Prakhar Ahlawat and CTO Rohan Rathod among a ground of developer and advisors. The TGT coin ICO was scheduled from July 15 to August 31, 2017. Like any other cryptocurrency, you need to use or check their main website to understand how the target coin works and to register. The fund gives attractive bonuses to their investors.

The coin is a tokenized long-short cryptocurrency. By utilizing the algorithmic trading strategies and machine learning, Target coin allows users to invest and trade in the cryptocurrency. The platform pays a quarterly bonus to investors and shares back up to 85% of the profits with the investors.


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