What is Taas?

Token As A Service (TAAS)


Taas (Token As A Service) is a platform that allows fund managers and investors to capitalize on the blockchain market without having to deal with the technical barriers that usually associates with transferring, trading, and owning cryptocurrencies. The TAAS model is closely related to a closed-end fund, wherein the company offers IPO (Initial Public Offering) to close a new capital after before the whole system starts operating.

How does it work?

Taas is the first ever tokenized closed-end fund designated to cryptocurrencies. The platform offers its tokens during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the coin is built in a profit-sharing smart contract (set of rules and regulations that every party should follow), which means that the platform utilizes the use of blockchain technology. Every three months, a smart contract rewards token owners with 50% of possible profit.

Taas Video Explanation

An additional 25% is reinvested back into the fund allowing net asset value of the token growth over time. According to Taas developers, they believe that the best way to manage the fund is to stay transparent and open, that’s why they have built an innovative investment technology. The cryptographic audit is the sophisticated software that monitors trading activity and hashes ( an algorithm that produces data such as a file or password) data onto a blockchain.

Taas Dividends Payout

TaaS made a 61% ROI in it first quarter (May 1 — August 1, 2017). It paid 50% of that to its token owners, reinvested 25% back into the fund so that it grows in perpetuity and paid 25% to its management.

The management announced a fixed exchange rate of 199.055 USD(T)/ETH for payouts distribution.

TaaS generated earnings of 4,623,111.61 USD(T) which represent  a 61% ROI. Based on the calculation it mounts to 0.28USD(T) to each TaaS token owned.

The TAAS platform makes it possible for anyone to validate past trading history and portfolio balances guaranteed by the blockchain immutability. The platform is the first truly transparent closed-end fund, which aims to change the process of investing in cryptocurrencies forever. The TAAS is built by top blockchain experts, according to them, they focus on track to become a leader in investment innovations.  

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