What is Synergy?

What is Synergy?

Synergy (SNRG)


When it comes to understanding Synergy (SNRG), simply put it as a protocol which is about allowing people to collaborate and cooperate without having to undergo direct interaction. It helps a group of people to work towards a mutual goal they have. According to SNRG founders, one of the approaches they will be using in order to raise the value of Synergy (pertains to the technology and protocol) is to improve and to develop an economy around the SNRG tokens. For them to do this, they will be creating different services that utilize the SNRG token.

How to Synergy works?

The Synergy fuses its community with technology, which will aid the community to become an autonomous actor working on behalf of the individuals, without having them to be aware that they are part of something that is bigger than themselves.  


Synergy is relying on a basic network anonymization functionality which is called as the Tor service- this is included when the users use the SNRG wallet and start automatically at launch. Without any configuration from the user, the Tor service will still work in the background. According to the SNRG’s developers, they have purposely attached the Tor service in the wallet not only because for anonymity purposes but also because they believe that when cryptocurrency use Tor network the nodes (data used for communication) will have a better connection with one another.

The developers have further added that having the nodes to easily discover each other and stay connected will make the peer-to-peer routing faster. The protocol charges off 0.0001 SNRG per character, it may take up some valuable blockchain memory, but the transaction is convenient to complete.


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