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Symbiont Smart Securities is a leading blockchain that aims at bridging the gap between the world a wall street and the blockchain world. The company plans to develop a series of technologies that connect the blockchain with Wall Street. Being a market-leading smart contract platform, Symbiont Smart Securities allows complex financial instruments to live entirely on a decentralized network using just a single source of truth. The technology is designed in a way that it replaces the error-prone, manual process found in the markets today and instead digitizes and automate the process.

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Benefits of using Symbiont.

Share data:

users can quickly share whatever data they want quickly and easily using the advances cryptography found in the platform ensuring perfect integrity and confidentiality in the process.

Save cost:

you don’t need to worry about the cost as Symbiont automates the most complex, manual, back and middles office process making financial transactions less expensive than they are now.

Eliminate data loss:

The platform track all operations in the log and stores critical files on the network for higher availability.

Reduce risk:

Symbiont supports electronic issuance, trading, allocation, and lifecycle event without using any trusted third parties.

Increase transparency:

You can access data directly from the market in real time and still maintain a perfect audit trail of events in the network,

Grow and adapt:

users can also use the software available on the platform to scale the workload. There are also nodes and each node host a segregated account for its API clients.

Symbiont feature

According to the official website, there are two features that stand out on the network. They are:

Symbiont Smart Securities:

this is a technology that provides intuitions with a place to share business logic and market data. The place for sharing is known as the unified ledger.

Financial back-office operations:

the operations are dominated by a manual process on the platform. These processes are for data replication and reconciliation.

In addition to these features, the network also has its own Assembly blockchain. The blockchain is used to implement blockchain technology and improve a variety of financial products and industries that use the blockchain including:

  • Asset Digitization
  • Private Equity and Crowdfunding
  • Syndicated and Corporate Loans
  • Corporate Debt

The overall aim is to bridge the gap between Wall Street and an en merging world of the blockchain technology. This company was founded in 2015 and is based in New York City in the US.

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