What is SwissBorg?

SwissBorg (CHSB)



SwissBorg (CHSB) is a project that aims to reevaluate wealth management solutions .By using a neighborhood-centric approach driven by Ethereum. More over, the official website puts it, “SwissBorg is a new paradigm that offers best-of-breed investment technology available to everyone with no restriction nor frontiers.” Along with, individuals, financial experts advisors, investment manager and a DAO can use Swiss Borg. The project is a democratic ecosystem. It can be used to manage a portfolio of crypto assets. SwissBorg is a new era or crypto. It wants to revolutionize wealth management services with a blockchain base community-centric approach.

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SwissBorg products

  • Swiss Made: SwissBorg carries Swiss values such as precision. In addition to forward-thinking and reliability using the Swiss made product.
  • Smart contracts: The project uses multi signature smart contracts. Also known as smart contracts. Hence providing the ideal framework for personal investment strategies.
  • Crypto asset services: Clearly, each person has a tailored-made solution that fit their needs when it comes to financing, risk, target returns and other services.
  • Meritocracy: It should be noted, that all CHSB token holders have the opportunity to participate in the development of SwissBorg network. Through the concept of “Proof of Meritocracy” SwissBorg community will be rewarded by voting on the platform.
  • Alpha investment AI and strategies: SwissBorg investment team offers professional experience from top investment firms. Their high-profile traders have extensively brainstormed with the blockchain experts to build a new future of investing.

Who can use SwissBorg?

SwissBorg is made for a certain group of investors, community, and organizations. Some of the people who can use the platform include:

Decentralized autonomous organizations

SwissBorg helps corporate structures minimize their high burn rates. And at the same time build a financially healthy and sustainable organization. This makes Swiss Borg an ideal investment technology for DAOs to maximize their changes.

Private crypto-assets holders

The combination of AI, smart contracts and self-learning enable new and highly customized financial services to be created.

Financial community

First, using the platform, wealth managers can be more creative. More over, SwissBorg is read to help wealth manager step up and be more creative about what they do. They offer accessible, transparent and fair opportunities for investors and managers.

CHSB token

The CHSB token gives token holders the right to get 25% of Swiss Borg revenues. All CHSB token holders receive a payment in ETH according to clever contracts preprogrammed rules. Every CHSB token holder is entitled to get SwissBorg c-share in exchange for CHSB token.

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