What is Swarm City?

Swarm City (SWT)





Swarm City(SWT)is a community developing a DApp (a decentralized app that allows any p2p services exchange. That means the platform does not allow for middle-men, no unnecessary restrictions, and no central servers. The Swarm City project emerged from a grassroots effort to build an alternative project for rideshare drivers stuck between regulators and greedy corporate middle-men. Swarm City held their token sale to fund their project recently.

Swarm City was formed as a result of the separated of Ethereum development team, brandfork, and project co-founder show from the Arcade City, which was the original project that was supposed to be created instead of Swarm City. The first services that Swarm City developed the #needaride services aka ridesharing. #needaride is available in the boardwalk release. The other service is the #SwarmBnb aka Airbnb. There will be other hashtags to follow in days, months or years to come. The platform makes the sharing-economy come true.

Where is Swarm City doing now?

Swarm City has many activities going on in the platform. It is a decentralized App built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform has features like a digital wallet send and receives SWT and users can convert ARC to SWT. Beta testing is on every sprint being released. There are many other benefits of using the Swarm City platform.


Swarm City is the leading edge of a new technological era. The company is developing a truly decentralized app running on the Ethereum blockchain. The DApp helps in interconnecting world industries and to enable p2p exchanges. The mission of the company is to provide an open marketplace of services, encrypted communication tools, and currency tokens to offer direct access to sellers and buyers worldwide and in communities.

How does Swarm City work?

Swarm City offers its users the opportunity to interact using a private and secure messaging channel. The messaging channel is the same as Twitter but has sophisticated features. It uses its swarm City Tokens (SWT). Users can also browse other Ethereum apps offered on the platform. Once the hashtags service gets a critical mass, a fully featured and dedicated front end is developed for it. The process is to give users the best user experience ever.

Swarm City has built his reputation to a reputable system in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. All users build a reputation over time as they transact. They can transact with other platforms available on the platform at the same time building their reputation.

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