What is Supernet?


SuperNET(Unity) is a Blockchain Infrastructure for decentralized applications. Through decentralized technologies, SuperNET thrives to solve the existing socio-economic problems and pave way for a prosperous society. Projects, community, and businesses at SuperNET form a group that works tirelessly towards achieving their visions. Anyone is allowed to join the platform and start a collaboration with their project.

Coin mining makes the value of the currency to grow even faster over time as the issues involved in generating new coins keeps on increasing. Currency growth is the main reason for the stability and SuperNET expect to see more users and crypto enthusiasts adopt the Unity coin. The cryptocurrencies are used for subscriptions to digital services and daily purchases of products and services where digital currencies are accepted.

Core innovations

The project offers a platform and technology where a range of decentralized services and products can be built. In a bid to power the Blockchain technology used by people worldwide, SuperNET has the following features and core innovations.

  • Iguana Core Bitcoin Protocol: this protocol serves as a bridge between SuperNET, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. It is a new implementation of the Bitcoin protocol.
  • Privacy Technology: the private technology is an anonymous online payments power by Zcash zero-knowledge proof technology.
  • Atomic Cross-Chain Swap Protocol: the protocol allows Unity the p2p coin exchange without the risk of a counterparty.
  • Decentralized High Capacity Servers: SuperNET has powerful servers located worldwide. The servers are part of SuperNET infrastructure.
  • Distilled Fast RAM Database: this feature makes room for random access queries to information found on the blockchain with a minimum resource usage.
  • Delayed Proof of Work: this a new consensus mechanism the uses Komodo and Bitcoin to offer a second layer of security to other blockchains.
  • Asset Chain: the technology allows for the creation of new compatible blockchains than can be integrated into the SuperNET blockchain network.

What leads SuperNET to prosperity?

It has three main features on its platform that make the site unique from other cryptocurrency sites. It has the:

The horizontal structure which is a decentralized structure that ensures others can leverage its achievements and technology. It is also an open source development that makes Unity efforts transparent.

Decentralized technology that is resistant p2p infrastructure that ensures SuperNET works together worldwide. With the feature, they can transact value and contracts in addition to other functions.

A network of devotion which means they seek people with enthusiasm, passion and a big heart to partner with them in various projects. They collaborated with them and follow the promising decentralized technologies.

New Project by Supernet BarterDex

The project is no longer live

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