What is Substratum?

Substratum (SUB)


The substratum is the foundation of the decentralized web. The Substratum is an open-source network that allows users to allocate spare computing resources to make a free and fair internet place to the entire world. The platform is developing an open-source foundation of the decentralized web, providing unrestricted and free access to contact for 3.0 web. The network is a worldwide collection of nodes that uses cryptography to deliver secure content worldwide without the needs for Tor or VPNs. Substratum aims at revolutionizing the hosting industry with per request via the microtransactions.

Substratum features

The features found in the Substratum platform are beneficial for making the platform one of the best crypto platform in the crypto market and the internet world. Some of the features included in the platform are:

  • Crypto Pay: Crypto pay allows all sites that use the Substratum network to process all their cryptocurrency transactions using any publicly traded coin.
  • Substratum Host: this feature is used by entities and business that wish to host sites, applications, and databases on the network. They can use the substratum coin to pay the network members, the SUB coins.
  • Substratum Node: the node allows network members to run substratum broadcast software to receive SUB coins by serving requests.
  • Artificial intelligence: the right Substratum Network machine uses the Machine learning relocates to serve up the content ensuring the fastest load time.
  • Cryptography: substratum Artificial Intelligence is equipped with advanced cryptography algorithms to ensure data network remains secure.
  • Compression algorithms: this is a custom-developed advanced compression algorithm that ensures fast load times and low latency of content.
  • Developer tools: for developers who would like to use the substratum network can use the SDK and API, developing tools for accelerating the growth of the decentralized web.

The substratum network has a team of hardworking executives that are behind the success and maintenance of the platform. Justin Tabb is the Solution Architect. He is also the founder of OverridePro, a web development company that focuses on delivering digital solutions to its clients. Abram Cookson is the lead Software Developer, Jason Wollam, Senior Software Engineers and Jason Burns among other executives.

Substratum network runs on its blockchain and is specifically for the decentralized web. The SUB coin is an Ethereum-based ERC20 compliant token. Users don’t need a special browser to view sites that are no Substratum network. All the need is to open their browser and Substratum will take care of the rest.

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