What is Streamr?

Streamr Datacoin (DATA)



Imagine reviewing a report that is not easy to read and that is being updated every second with new information. That’s why we need to use Streamr. Streamr is a platform which runs real-time data analysis. The cloud-based platform provides visually appealing applications that display the information is a clear and easy way to understand. The platform has the power the make riding and reviewing of information easier. You can view any information in real time or watch as data streaming goes on and update charts that move with new pieces of information.

How does Streamr work?

Streamr provides a complete system that creates unstoppable real-time data apps. The Streamr network users can use and sell valuable data as they wish. The data travels through a decentralized peer-to-peer network controlled by no one.

Streamr features

Some of the features, tech, and tools that allow Streamr accomplish its goal include:

Streamr engine

The Streamr engine is built for high volumes of valuable data originating from financial exchanges, IoT devices, and social media and so on. The process runs on the engine and can write to and read from the blockchain. It allows adapting to be aggregated, combined or filters with other data to extract information and value within.

Visual editor

The visual editor programming environment makes it easy for Streamr to create data-driven Daps. Seamlessly combine data streams, visualizations, off-chain analytics modules and smart contracts. Users can start building data using open data and templates. They can also execute real-time processes on the Streamr engine.

Data market

The data market acts like an app store for data streams. It categorized and showcases publicly available data streams. The marketplace brings together consumers and data producers who transact using the DATAcoin. The marketplace categorizes and showcases both free and commercial data.

Streamr network

The Streamr network is the core layer of the Streamr system. The network is powered by the DATAcoin. Streamr network is a low-latency transport layer that streams data in the marketplace. Network nodes earn DATAcoin in exchange for bandwidth and validation they provide.

Smart contracts

For speed and scalability, the Streamr Network exists above the blockchain but used the smart contracts for security-critical operations such as premissioning, network self-governance, and DATAcoin transfers.

Streamr team

Streamr was founded by Henri Pihkala (CEO). Risto Karjalainen is the COO and Nikke Nylund is also a co-founder. Other include chief design officer Matt Innes and Soari Kajiwara designers among a team of advisors.

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