What is Stratis?

What is Stratis?

Stratis (STRAT)



Stratis (STRAT) is an easy, powerful, fast, and flexible blockchain development platform that was designed for the real-world needs of businesses, financial services, and other organizations, which want to create, test the app before deploying their applications on the Blockchain technology. STRAT blockchain apps can be actually be developed with the use of a programming language called the C sharp (C#) – a kind of solution that cryptocurrencies use as a strategy. One of the most interesting facts about the C# is that is a part of a NET. core platform.

This is a platform that Microsoft has recently open sourced and this platform allows the users to write a code that works on Macs, Linus systems, Macs, Windows, and others. This feature allows high functionality that allows users to run a full cryptocurrency node on your phone among other new possibilities. A node refers to the connection point in which data can be sent, received, and stored from network routes being distributed.

What does it do?

C# is more of a modern language, which is easy to learn and develop. STRAT provides a framework for different companies, which are interested in using the blockchain technology. It is maintained by the primary blockchain, which is responsible for making the ins and outs of the currency. STRAT also allows you to build a custom private blockchain for your own needs

For instance, if Ron wants to build a video game that tracks items with blockchain technology. Ron can use it on a custom chain that all it does it tracks the in-game items. The transfer of the in-game gold and the transfer of in-game weapons can all be tracked with the use of Stratis. Basically, STRAT has built a custom solution for Ron, in which he can set up a private chain for his video game and others can also interact with the main strategy. With the use of STRAT, selling the in-game items will be much easier and you can use STRAT as the cryptocurrency for payment.

It is hosted by Microsoft as its hosting solution, which brings convenience since you can figure out your needs and you just need to go to Microsoft and start the server, then you’re good to go. This allows you to start deploying technology for it.  STRAT helps different companies to start experimenting with the Blockchain technology. So, they can figure it out whether they can apply it for their own purposes. They are focusing on delivering a very simple and easy to do solutions for blockchain technology.

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