What is Straks?



STRAKS is the first Masternode-enabled digital currency.It is based on core bitcoin version 0.14.2. Moreover it is a new cryptocurrency that works to eliminate unwanted transaction through the use of SegWit activation from the first day. It also solves the capacity constraints suffered by Bitcoin and other peer groups. It achieves it through a non-SegWit block size increased signature operations. The currency supports low cost, scalability, instant payment and cross blockchain transactions. Also proposes a fair distribution through a Zero starts in Masternode rewards policy and a Zero start in Instamine protection policy.

Why you need STRAKS

E-commerce utility:

It is a decentralized coin that seeks to ensure users can easily integrate and utilize it for business purposes. It also aims to be used as widely as possible in e-commerce.


STRAKS invents in its investors and business partners privacy. it network safeguards both their investors and business partners because they are key priorities for STARKS. This ensures STRAKS remain fungible and implements the Zero coin protocol irrespective of past transactions associations. All your transactions remain anonymous and untraceable.


For the long-term prosperity of the STARKS currency, the network ensures a decentralized access level. Users can rest safely knowing that all their investments are never dependent on one single individual. The aim of STARKS is to ensure a decentralized and distributed core access level.


with one Lowest PoW fees on the market, the STARKS seek to be 100% self-funded. The fee of 5% on POW ensures that STRAKS is well-funded and also supports product development, ongoing operating expenses and business development throughout its lifespan.


the network promises users that it will always optimize and improve transaction speed to allow sending and receiving of the currency in an instance.

Atomic swap:

STRAKS digital currency market is a fast-moving environment. With a growing number of currencies in cryptocurrencies market, the Atomic Swap gives users a greater flexibility when it comes to exchanging currencies.

Benefits of STRAKS

  • Low transaction fees
  • Free integration
  • No chargeback or fraud
  • Fast transaction times
  • Reach a new audience and increase your brand awareness


It wallet is used to significantly improve security, but not the own STRAKS. The wallet can be downloaded from the official STRAKS website.

STRAKS Products and Roadmap

Hence, the STRAKS plans to come up with other products for its users. According to the website, some of the product they will come up with include:

  • STRAKSDATA: Q1, 2018
  • STRAKSPAY: Q3 2018

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