What is Stox?

Stox (STX)


Stox is an open source from the invest.com which is based on the Ethereum platform. Stox technology provides the users with a prediction market where they can trade the outcome of various events in almost any imaginable category. Stox aims at the mainstream audience and provides them with a refuge from the traditional financial instruments. Additionally, participation in these prediction events permits you as the user to earn a significant profit.

How does it work?

There are three major operators in the stock ecosystem namely providers, operators, and the users. The functions of the providers include generating traffics to the ecosystem and developing new applications based on the Stox’s main open source app. On the other hand, the operators are responsible for creation, management and resolving of the events. A single company or an organization can become an operator or a provider. However, a single company can serve both proposes. Normally the Stox ecosystem encourages the operators and the providers to cooperate via syndication of events as well as the user affiliation to maximize on each player’s advantage. Lastly, there are users. These are investors who also take part in the events.

Stox video explanation

Features of STX

The supremacy behind Stox is the STX digital wallet. All activities involved in the Stox environment revolve around this tokens. These coins serve as the primary source of fee, collaterals and also as the main source of currencies for investment in the outcome of the events. The complete supply of these tokens is fixed, and it is generated in its entity during ICO launch events.

About the project

Stox offers financial data to public companies, consumers, and brokers so that they can easily evaluate the returns that they are likely to gain from investing in various events. Previously, this company was known as the stox info link system Inc. in February 1999 it changed that name to stox.com. Currently, stox.com is based in Vancouver Canada. The founding team include Ophir Gertner[ founder ] Yossi Peretz [COO] Marek Lorinc [ executive director] Shay Cohen [ UX and design] Oded Oman [coin tree, block chain architect] Leonard Beder [ coin tree, block chain security architect] Oren de-Lange[ community manager] Assaf  Moaleam [ controller] Jose Danon Saltiel [ online marketing wizard ] Rutty Yeziorsky [ office manager and PA to CEO] Israel Shankar [ system administrator] Liron Golan[ HR manager] Ilya Kolesnikov     [ core developer] Amit Maor [ R&D manager] Eran Klein [head of products and QA] Nissim Ben Alush [support team learder] Yevgeny Michilin [support engineer] Konstantin Rezhets [ mobile developer] Elyal Perera [ anaylist] Yonatan Dadon [ graphic designer]  among other stakeholders.

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