What is Storm?




Most people around the world are struggling to find ways to earn many, Storm Market is a cryptocurrency platform that creates opportunities for people to earn worldwide, the platform utilizes the power of technology to make it easier for its members to find new ways of engaging, and earning. The platform works with one simple motto: earn anytime, anywhere and using any device. Being a blockchain, storm market allows for micro, transactions in an efficient manner.

How the Storm Market works.

Storm is a gamified micro-tack platform that engages user experience and encourages active participation in the Storm community and the STORM coin. Individuals, advertisers, gaming platforms, recruiters and Machine learning companies can use the platform. The platform allows users to earn using three options which are:

  • Storm play: users can earn tokens by playing videos and trying new services and products on the platform.
  • Storm gigs: you can perform micro-tasks such as P2P freelancing, machine learning and QA testing to ear.
  • Storm shop: user can shop for products and services and earn.

Strom features

Storm is different from other platforms. The difference is based on experiences and human-centric interfaces and features. Some of the features found on the Strom Platform include:


The platform offers a trustless network which is powered by ETH smart contracts. The trustless network is essential for micro-tasks that can be performed on the platform.


Storm platform can be accessed worldwide, it addresses the needs of billions of people around the world. With an existing workforce of over 4.68 billion people, it has the potential to give the experience to its users worldwide.


Storm uses gamification techniques to help people earn. Users can earn STORM tokens in an easy and simple way.


One thing that helps Storm to be one of the best platforms is its community. The platform so far has experienced more than I million downloads with 250,000 active users each month. All this is in addition to the Storm token community.


People from all walks of life can earn more tokens from anywhere, anytime because storm mobile design helps them to earn.

About storm team

Storm team comprises of CEO and founder, Bittrex, Tom Bollich is one of the founding team members of Zynga, but he is also the CTO of Storm. Other include Anthony Di Iorio, Liam Robertson, Brad mils and Guy Benartzi among others. The team member has many years of experience in the industry since most of them are founders and co-founders of other Cryptocurrency platforms

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