What is Storj ?





Storj is a cloud storage platform. It is a Cryptocurrency and a suite of decentralized applications that aims to allow users to store data in a decentralized and secure manner. As a platform, Storj can’t be monitored, censored or have downtime because it uses features like public/private key encryption, cryptographic hash functions and transaction ledger from services and security. With the help of its web app, the platform is working hard to solve issues in data security. Once you register by using Storj, your files are encrypted, shredded into pieces and stored in a decentralized network of computer worldwide.

What is Storj Labs?

Storj is a platform on which Storj Labs aims to use and bring decentralized storage to consumers and businesses. Storj labs is responsible for providing Storj with Daas (data-as-a-service) and build tools and APIs for customers.

Storj features

Being a blockchain-based, distributed object and end-to-end cloud storage where users have access to their data, Storj offers the best features. The features on the platform enable to Storj give consumers the best services when it comes to decentralization and security. They include:

  • End-to-end encryption: this is a distributed infrastructure that helps in security functions on the platform.
  • Higher availability: the Storj platform has no downtime. It is available 99.999999%.
  • Blazing fast: Storj itself is a peer to peer network comprised of Farmers and renters who rent out the hard drive space and bandwidth and pushes space and bandwidth. The P2P technology used is blazing fast for the process.

Storj token

Since Storj uses the Ethereum blockchain for its transactions, the Storj token (STORJ) is an ERC20 compliant token. The SJCX is the first token that allows users to earn money for renting hard drive space or purchase storage. However, the token is no longer in use a Storj plans to use the STORJ token. Users can use convert the SJCX token they have into STORJ as soon as they want to. STORJ enables users to purchase or earn money on the platform.

Storj team

The Storj team has staff from different educational backgrounds, culture, social and ethnic backgrounds. However, all of them have a shared passion for Storj Passion which is to allow anyone in the world get a secured and decentralized storage. The team is led by Shawn Wilkinson, the founder and Chief Strategy Officer, John Quinn, founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Philip Hutchins, Chief Technology Officer and Matthew May, Chief Financial Officer among others. Anyone else can volunteer to be a team member if they have what it takes.




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