What is Storiqa?

Storiqa (STQ)

Are you looking for a platform where you can build an online marketplace using the blockchain technology? It is no secret that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology are disrupting the entire e-commerce field. Storiqa is an online platform that allows users to build a blockchain based marketplace. Basically, it is a customizable blockchain based e-commerce platform that promises to change the way people shop online. The platform can be used, but anyone who sells products and services online, including small-scale manufacturers, self-employed entrepreneurs, family business and other online retailers. Anyone selling things online can create an online store on the platform or use the ones they already have to increase revenue.

How the platform works

The goal of Storiqa is to help individuals and small-scale business to build their presence online using the blockchain technology. These people can prepare their system for new digital economy band use smart contracts from Storiqa to enable payments. The platform makes everything easier for everyone, including building an online store in just minutes and begin taking advantage of blockchain technology immediately.

Storiqa features

There are three core features that make Storiqa a unique marketplace for online presence. These features include:

  • Monetize your reviews: users have the opportunity to monetize their reviews through social media platforms such as YouTube, We Chat, Telegram, and Facebook. They can also enjoy transparent blockchain affiliate marketing.
  • Sell and buy goods: another feature that users can take advantage of is the ability to sell and buy goods using cryptocurrencies. No extra fees, no financial borders or fake reviews anymore.
  • Access to global markets: what else do entrepreneurs need more than global market presence? Small business and individuals can use Storiqa to gain global market presence and increase sales.


Storiqa Roadmap is as follows:

  • Q1 2017: first market research and Storiqa ideas
  • Q2 2017: Storiqa earliest version
  • Q3 2017 taken sale preparation
  • Q4 2017: token pre-sale and token sale
  • Q1 2018: token sale finish, emission, unlocking, and distribution
  • Q2 and 3 2018: customer attraction, product MVP, shops & B2B partnerships

Storiqa token and how to use it

The Storiqa Token (STQ) is available for purchase at the rate of 1 Storiqa=0.001 ETH. There is a limited emission of tokens. The only token available was generated on the token sale, which was completed successfully. Users can benefit from the constant increase demand of the token due to a mutual interest from buyers and sellers. Users also benefit from 90 profit buying goods using the STQ.

project is no longer live.

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