What is Stockchain Global?

Stockchain Global (STC)

The global financial sector is undisrupted. The financial products and markets have remained unchanged for about half a millennium. Stockchain global (stc) is a blockchain based platform poised to improve how financial assets and managed, bought and sold. Stockchain uses the power of the blockchain technology to dis-intermediate dozens of trillion dollar industries and accomplishes complex and multiple transfers of assets in a single transaction. The transaction is auditable, immutable and recorded from the moment it takes place to its accomplishment.

Feature and benefits of Stockchain Global

Flattening global finance

The Stockchain Global changes the ways people use smartphones as the primary access point to the digital space. The flattening Global finance feature allows for direct access for individuals around the globe. The platform plans to increase the efficiency of accessing the digital space considerably.


Using the flattening global finance feature, it gives the industry an additional benefit in security.  The on-chain solution used by Stockchain creates a secure, trustless database that is capable of securing trading of financial assets and confirming ownership with instantaneous verification and settlement.

Creation of new capital pools and new industries

Stockchain Global wants to create a new global capital pool in places where financial services or exchanges of these types did not exist at all like in a new industry.  By providing the direct access to financial assets and exchanges to people with internet connection and smartphone, the platform will be able to achieve this goal.

Instantaneous payment and transfers

The on-chain solution used by Stockchain Global also allows for immediate and simultaneous transfers of payments and financial instruments of all types via smart contracts. There is no need for escrows intermediaries because the on-chain trades are easy and instantaneous.

Permanent, secure records of transactions all assets tokenized, issues and managed directly on the platform and blockchain are laid bare for all to see. The platform provides a permanent, secure and virtually unhackable record for all transactions on the platform.


The Stockchain Global was founded by CEO Benjamin Beasley, COO Eric Vogeler, and CTO Jonathan Feinauuer. Benjamin has a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law Schools, Eric is an experienced researcher and attorney and Jonathan spent the last 22 years directing projects and initiatives in capital and technology markets. The team also include a team of financial experts that deal with the financial markets.

The Stockchain Global is a revolutionary concept that aims to bring a global blockchain-based platform to exchange markets and financial issuance for financial assets and instruments.

Project is no longer live

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