What is Steem?




Steem is a digital cryptocurrency, which is based on a social media platform. Users actually get rewards for being an author and presenting an online content on the site. In simpler terms, you get rewards by posting, commenting, upvotes, and you can save the money you get from Steem.

Sharing your content on Steem is the way of mining for its rewards. Mining is the process of transaction records being added to the public ledger called Blockchain. The main purpose of the ledger is to confirm the transactions to the rest of the network, so every transaction made can be assured legitimate.

How Steem works?

The Steem site is where all contents are posted by users and are financially rewarded with a cryptocurrency, which is referred as Steem. The way how the site works have turned to be very popular with crypto enthusiasts.

The payment system that is being used is called “Steem”. It can be stored and if the user like it to be sold then there are trading sites that they can transact with. Each Steem has a fixed amount and is being produced every single day. It makes up the rewards and is available to voters and posts found on the site.

Steem Video Explanation

Who should join Steem?

Anyone can join Steem. Entrepreneurs can be benefited by earning Steem dollars, content creators can also be paid by letting a great array of audience see the quality of their writings, and readers will have the chance to scroll down to content, which has the best potential to earn Steem dollars.

In addition to that, traders are given the potential to earn by helping the platform through decentralized exchange. Social Media Sites can integrate Steem in their network, so their users can earn for their posts and the time they allow on the site.


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