What is Starbase?

What is Starbase?

Starbase (STAR)




It is the newest digital currency that people can use for trading since it issues digital tokens for funding personal finances, business and much more. The site utilizes blockchain technology to mine its tokens. Starbase tokens can be traded on Starbase platform and also bought there. If you want to start a business and you need funding, Starbase tokens give you’re the funding your need for your concept.

What is starbase?

Starbase is a digital currency that users can use to fund their business and for personal finances. The site can be found in Starbase.co that was registered September 2016 and later updated February 2017. Sabras offer insight on the show runs the show and a list of direct people involved in the project. It has a team of developers, advisors, engineers, and others who help in running and managing the site. Transparency is the key feature on the site which means they don’t hide who is running the show and what they do.

Starbase Opportunity

Like any other cryptocurrency, people can simply invest their money into the site or by purchasing tokens. The tokens are used to sponsor other members who have financial issues and are in need of funding. People can also save the tokens and gain interest during the quarter. According to the Starbase, everybody who owns tokens get rewarded quarterly including affiliates.

Starbase products

Aside from offering people funding for business and financial issues and rewards if they have tokens, Starbase does not offer any retail products or services. The only thing users can do on the platform is promote the membership and earn more rewards.

The crowdsale

Between the first and the seventh day of its crowdsale, affiliates can earn a 20% bonus. If you hold your token for 8-21 more days, the bonus reduces to 15% and 10% if you keep the tokens for 22-35 days and finally 5% if you hold on to the tokens for more than 36 days.

Starbase is similar to other crowdsourcing sites. The first step is investing your money to get digital currency, they hold on the token you get to increase your ROI or use them to fund other people. While the site offers ways that affiliates can earn money, they only reward quarterly to their users. You can check on their website to find more about it.

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