What is SRG?


SRG is a decentralized loyalty program built on the blockchain technology for online applications. The platform provides game developers with an opportunity to support the motivation of their players. The main aim of the platform is the increase the target base of online applications and keep client network through a loyalty program based on an effective business model.

Benefits of SRG

SRG offers users the best benefits than any other loyalty program platform. Some of the benefits the SRG platform gives its users include:

  • Give players the opportunity to earn money: players can build their in-game business and get the opportunity to earn. It gives them the possibility of making money in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Get and reward without any intermediaries: users of the platform can convert their accrued fees into Ethereum or a currency and send to other payment cards or bank accounts directly from personal accounts.
  • Developers don’t pay: SRG allows developers to connect to the system without paying any fees. The connection happens in a fast and convenient manner via API integrations. They only need to pay targeted actions and pay after you’ve earned with the help of SRG.
  • Only targeted traffic, no bots: the referral system allows people to aggregate targeted traffic, that to the engineered motivation system.
  • Crypto community Ethereum: each member of SRG community can create a purse in the Ethereum network. According to forecasts, by July 2019, more than 11 million purses will be opened.

SRG token

The token represents the right to receive a part of the distributable profits in the community. All tokens have the right to receive up to 50% of profits. The payment structure of the SRG happens as follows:

Every six months, SRG will allocate 50% of its profits for a pro-rata distribution to investment token holders. A total supply of 20 million SRG token will be available during the ICO. There will be no pre-mined token and any token that will remain unsold will be burned. The initial price of SRG is 1 SRGH = 2$. The company also decided to initiate a token buyback. The currency accepted on the platform include BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, EURO, and ETC.

The team

SRG is led by a team of executive and advisors. Some of the executive team members include Nikita Petrov, CEO and Founder, Giovanni Manigrasso, chief marketing officer and Software testing expert Maxin Saykin among others. The team of advisors includes Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko, Fahri Hamzah and Snezhana and Vladimir Polezhaevy among others.

Project is no longer live

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