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Spectiv (SIGS)


Spectiv is a decentralized and dedicated virtual reality streaming platform that is based on attention market token. The platform uses blockchain based attention market to support widespread adoption of virtual reality. The platform also utilizes blockchain integrated attention markets to supports virtual reality adoption network. Some of the main features of the platform include VR streaming of sports and events and gives users the chance to participate at home. It is community-driven, which enables users to stream videos with their VR equipment.

Spectiv features

Overall, Spectiv allows organizations and used to stream whatever they like giving them unique VR stream experiences. The experiences are seamless and rewarding. Viewers can also engage in these experiences directly from home using the virtual reality. The key features on the platform that enables these unique experiences to include:

Commercial VR Events

Spectiv host VR live streams of concerts, sports events and other things from premium seat proximities. This gives the audience engaging perspective of what is happening at a particular event. Users can watch live events from home and participate in the atmosphere of the event from their coach. The platform plans to partner directly with those hosting the events to make the experiences even more unique.

Spectiv original VR content

Spectiv has an original VR content that is produced with a cutting-edge technology and overseen by the production team. The original content will be introduced to the platform after a more critical community-driven and commercial components are developed on the platform.

Community-driven VR content

General users of the Spectiv platform are the ones who contribute to VR experiences. The platform allows ordinary users to stream personal experiences with VR equipment. The content can be casually-recorded uploads or professionally-produced content depending on the one uploading. The platform is more like other video streaming platforms such YouTube.


The Spectiv platform uses two tokens Sigs and Specs. Sigs are a decentralized ERC20 token while Specs will be used as an international platform currency. Specs will be used for premium content, tipping and transactions among other purposes and Sigs will be used to connect attention markets with the Ethereum blockchain.

About Spectiv team

Dylan Senter is the CEO and the co-founder of the Spectiv platform. The COO and also a co-founder is Nick Ravavnbakhsh and Chris Pena is the Chief of technology on the platform. Key advisors on the platform include James Duchenne, Sheldon Weisfeld, and Adam Richard among other team members.

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